New European plays for and about young people


    Theatre Cafe 2g

    Theatre Cafe Berlin


    Theatre Café Berlin takes place at GRIPS Theater, Altonaer Straße 22, 10557 Berlin, on the 2nd and 3rd December 2014.

    Theatre Cafe 10g

    Theatre Cafe Frankfurt


    Theatre Café Frankfurt takes place at Autorenforum at Theaterhaus, Schützenstraße 12, 60311 Frankfurt on the 4th and 5th December 2014.

    Theatre Cafe 08

    Theatre Café Amsterdam


    Theatre Cafe Festival Amsterdam takes place from the 28th to 30th May 2015, at the Toneelmakerij / Jeugdtheater de Krakeling / Theater Bellevue

From the blog

  1. Peder Opstad photo cropped

    Q&A: Peder Opstad, Artistic Director of Grimsborken

    I always look for a good story, and I try to follow my gut feeling: Is this something that would be fun to do? Does it challenge me as an actor? If I were an audience, would I be willing to buy a ticket for this show?

  2. Oystein headshot Predictions cropped

    Welcome from Oystein Brager

    What is it like to be Musa, living his whole life in Germany as a Libanese, suddenly facing deportation because his family is in fact Turkish? What is it like being a 9 year old girl in Lisbon whose father has no work and can't afford to pay their bills anymore?

  3. Anders Alnemark 2 photo Felix Alnemark

    Q&A: Anders Alnemark from Sweden's Teater Fredag

    To make theatre for a young audience in Sweden doesn't mean that you reach all classes of society anymore. This is an inequity which motivates me to continue my work.

Featured Texts

    Theatre Cafe Festival, York

    Too Small To Be A Planet

    Adam Barnard
    United Kingdom

    Too Small To Be A Planet was originally written for Company of Angels’ playwriting project for schools, The Commissioners.


    Human Flesh

    Roel Adam

    This Dutch play will be presented at Theatre Cafe Berlin and Frankfurt in a new German translation by Rosemarie Still.

    Theatre Cafe Festival, York

    Beneath The Kindergarden

    Eirik Fauske

    This Norwegian play will be presented at Theatre Cafe Festival Berlin and Frankfurt, in a new German translation by Geesche Wartemann.